In this day and age computer systems are unavoidable, it doesn’t matter what industry you are a part of, we guarantee computers play some sort of role in your business.
Having the right technology allows a business to deliver better services for their customers.
Having the wrong technology or out of date systems can cause a business to lose productivity and if you are losing productivity, you are loosing money!

Creating IT Solutions offers small businesses:

  • Remote and Onsite IT Services and Maintenance
  • Backup Systems & Data Protection
  • Low-cost Support and Maintenance Agreements (No Contracts!)
  • Anti-virus Software Solutions
  • Server / Cloud Options

Out dated systems will cost you more money one way or another!
Creating IT Solutions have many options and services to help your business run smoother, we can provide cost effective systems and also help you budget for the ever changing IT landscape.
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Website Hosting

In todays world the internet plays a huge role in customers finding businesses, if your website isn’t up to date or slow to load you could be losing much needed business.

Having the right hosting package can make the world of difference!

We offer a range of website and or email hosting packages to suit all business needs.

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We are strong believers in using quality brands for all Hardware and Software needs, we are an authorised reseller of many reputable brands and can supply / install quality systems within 48hrs!

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