The title says it all… backup, backup, backup!

We now live in the digital age, almost everything we do is on the computer but more and more businesses are getting caught out by not having a backup system in place.

Time and time again we hear of the horror stories, new customers come to us asking if we can retrieve their lost data, a virus has hit or a computer has died and we can’t restore their data because there has been no backup setup or a backup was setup many moons ago but nobody was checking to make sure they work.

Disaster Recovery

It is CRITICAL that businesses backup their data and have systems in place in case of a disaster, it doesn’t matter if you are a 1 person small business or a corporation with 100 employees, losing all your data can cripple your business.

Having a backup system in place is also not a set and forget task, if you are reading this and you have a system in place, well done, you are halfway there.

The second part is regularly testing the backups and you have two options,

  1. If you have the time and knowledge you can test the backups yourself.
  2. For a small fee each month you can outsource to an IT company that specialises in disaster prevention.

Take a moment to think what would you do if tomorrow you lost all your data? How would your business continue? What will it cost you to try and retrieve lost data and if you can’t then what will it cost to re-enter all the lost data (if you can even do that)?

The Solution

If you don’t have a system in place then contact us today! We can help put a system in place and or review your current backup system.

Our packages start at $100 per month which includes,

  • Software
  • Daily Monitoring
  • Weekly Testing
  • Monthly Reports

Want to know more or have any questions then contact us here.

Whatever you do, make it a priority to review your current setup before it is too late!